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Sir Adrian Cedric Boult (1889-1983) was one of the foremost British conductors of his time. Well-known for his advocacy and performance of the works of twentieth-century British composers, he was equally proficient in works of the standard repertoire. He conducted the premiere performances of . . . read more Edward Mott Woolley (1803-1853) was an itinerant, circuit-riding Universalist minister in New York and Michigan. He was the father of Lucia Fidelia Woolley Gillette, one of the first women Universalist ministers and the grandfather of Clarence Mott Woolley, an industrialist and St. Lawrence University benefactor  . . . read more Lucia Fidelia Woolley Gillette (1827-1905) was one of the first women to be ordained to the Universalist ministry in the United States and probably the first ordained woman to preach in Canada. As a child she assisted her father, Rev. Edward Mott Woolley; as a teen she was writing for Universalist newspapers; later in life she campaigned for woman's suffrage  . . . read more Clarence Mott Woolley (1863-1956), a prominent twentieth-century industrialist, worked with J. P. Morgan to build the American Radiator Company into a worldwide conglomerate that monopolized the home and commercial heating markets. He was also a benefactor and trustee of St. Lawrence University  . . . read more
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Ernest Cassara (1925-2015) was a Unitarian and a Universalist minister, a scholar of American Universalism, and a professor of history. He taught at Tufts University, Goddard College, Albert Schweitzer College, and then for twenty years at George Mason University. In addition to numerous scholarly articles, he published . . . read more Thomas Dawes Eliot (1808-1870) was a renowned Massachusetts attorney and a passionate progressive politician in the years leading up to and following the Civil War. A dedicated and capable Unitarian church leader, he served as president of both the National Conference of Unitarian Churches and the American Unitarian Association. . . read more Smith Rensselaer Woolley (1840-1886) was the son of Universalist minister Edward Mott Woolley, the brother of Lucia Fidelia Woolley Gillette, and the father of industrialist Clarence Mott Woolley, a trustee and benefactor of St. Lawrence University  . . . read more